…25 years ago, I was driving along listening to NPR.  Even though I was a “blow ’em up now… ask questions later”, “whatever America wants… America gets” arch-conservative… they did have a lot of news and I prided myself on eviscerating examples of their “liberal bias”.  When a story came along about defoliating the rain forest and girded myself the usual “It’s America’s fault!” diatribe!  Imagine my surprise when they blame South American ranchers who are burning down rain forest to create grazing land for their herds!?!  I almost wrecked my car.  “SEE!!!”, I screamed in my head, “It’s not ALWAYS America’s fault!!!  Other people are doing things that destroy the planet too!!!”, and then the report went on to explain…

That all the beef was for McDonald’s American market.

It took several more years… a logic class… and the fall of the Soviet Union, but little by little… I became more interested in what was actually happening, instead of cherry-picking facts to win worthless, distracting arguments as though what was good for society was as simple as a football game. I started trying to understand what was really going on… peeling back the layers of the onion… connecting the dots.  The more I looked into it… the more disturbing the evidence became that the country whose abuses I could always excuse during the Cold War (because there was such a worse alternative)… actually WAS behind an incredible amount of the world’s pain and suffering.  And the longer I looked at it, I was surprised to find out who was ultimately at fault…


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