The Other Side of the Pile

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Inside Apple’s Hidden Factories. Finally.

All I’m wondering is whether we can be aware of it… to quit looking at all our bright, shiny new stuff and think absolutely nothing but “This is AWESOME!!!” and drool over how cool we are and how much better our life is with it.

To be aware that on the other side of our giant pile of Stuff is a cost… a terrible cost.  To understand that when we buy the damned thing that we ARE NOT separated from the child labor and insufferable work conditions required to make it… we ARE NOT separated from the rape as a tool of war and environmental devastation that secures the resources that go into it… we ARE NOT separated from the actions of repressive regimes where the oil is extracted efficiently and the mass tragic birth defects and abject poverty where it isn’t.  The purchases we make that perpetuate this horror system… are the same as if we were standing right there doing them ourselves!

If we aren’t going to give up our tech baubles (I’m not), can we at least TRY to balance out the horror karma of our consumption by taking some responsibility… to quit treating Climate Change like elevator music and get serious about getting off of fossil fuels as if our lives depended on it… to create employment and local economy by recycle/reuse industry in our communities… and if we just HAVE to buy something… to go ahead and pay a little more for something made HERE… in the United States and to particularly reward companies with clean, transparent production processes!

It won’t be easy, and as a matter of fact a good rule of thumb is that if you don’t mind doing it (i.e. reusable handle shopping bags, curbside recycling and trips to the thrift store)… it probably isn’t making a damned bit of difference.  To do what is necessary is going to be damned inconvenient and difficult, but if you are a parent and just can’t get worked up about the child slave labor, rape of kids and tragic birth defects caused by our consumption… look at your own kids… disconnecting more and more into an online tech world where they are being dosed like lab rats to keep consuming and not look up from the screen.

What kind of world are they going to get if we don’t get off our asses and get very goddamned busy!!!

“How can we be ethical?  How can we be kind and compassionate when we don’t even see our impact?  It as if our arms have grown so long (globalization)… that we don’t even see what our hands are doing.”  Helena Nordberg~Hodge

  1. This column makes perfect sense. in fact it is one of the reasons that i grow my own food. It seems more honest to grow and prepare my own meat rather than let someone else grow it using dubious and cruel methods. I am taking control of my own labor. Does that make any sense at all?. Thank you for your lovely comment on my pages, I have popped over to say welcome and i do hope you find little snippets of peace in your day.. a ferry ride is such a wonderful way to start the day.. good morning..c

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